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Architectural Restoration

Restoration and Conservation of Architectural Works

What is Architectural Restoration?

The restoration is a set of activities aimed at the conservation of the works produced by human ingenuity, in order to allow the best transmissibility and usability over time.

What can be the conservative activities?

When we talk about conservation activities we refer to the maintenance, recovery, restoration and conservation of a work.

Of course each of these actions must be adapted to the type of article on which it intervenes and its state of preservation.

Which materials can these activities be directed towards?

The different actions can be aimed at buildings, gardens, paintings, sculptures, books, and objects that cover historical and cultural evidence.

In Italy the protection of these elements is governed by Legislative Decree No 22.I.2004. 42 called "Code of Italian Cultural Heritage and Landscape".

Why Restore?

First of all out of respect for those who preceded us and to offer an opportunity to those who will come after us and then to say enough to the consumption of our territory. Italy owns about 70% of the historical and artistic heritage of all humanity, but has not shown that it wants to preserve it, on the contrary…; it is seen more as a burden than a resource.


Missing coordinated action to enhance and economic sustainability to our growth and artistic heritage that should be stimulated by the state with specific laws. Abroad, despite having much less, they are much better than us to do business with art. To date, the only hope of conservation is that there are interventions on significant assets carried out by private individuals on the basis of the economic contributions that the state can give if requested.

Is it worth Restoring?

The first; the restoration of any work of art allows it to maintain its value over time and, in the event of a sale, it is possible at least to recover the costs incurred or even to have some earnings.


The second reason is that the state contributes on a permanent basis to support the conservation of the historical and artistic heritage even if it is privately owned. Therefore, the restoration of public and private cultural heritage can be financed in whole or in part by the State.

Restoration of Legislation and Contributions

Fundraising consultancy, fundraising on Conservative Restoration

Are there any financial contributions for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage?

There certainly are; they can be requested from the State through the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Superintendencies, as indicated in the Legislative Decree 22.I.2004 n. 42.

How can I have the contributions for the restoration?

We are at your complete disposal for any information. Contact us on the platform, under Info.

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