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Restauro Conservazione Restauro Triangolo Barberini

The services of our Experts

In our thirty years of activity, we provide the customer with all the services necessary to proceed with the conservative restoration and any adjustments (structural, functional, distributive) of each historic building, garden or park.


The services are developed starting from the survey of the artifacts with different instruments (laser scanners, application software, photoplanes, orthophotos, calibrated cameras) preparation of the restoration project, authorizations from the Superintendency with admissibility of contributions and deductions - tax deductions, work can be set up , management of the same and testing.


We also take care of the examination of buildings for purchase and sale negotiations, financing for the restoration of cultural assets, practices for the export of works, the selection of specialized personnel for asset conservation activities, research archive and, in general, any activity connected with the world of art.


Specific Services

- Prototyping and three-dimensional reconstruction of artistic artefacts, stone artefacts
- Topographic survey
- Thermographic survey
- Georadar
- Relief with Laser Scenner
- Aerial shooting with 4K Drone
- Non-invasive analysis on artistic artefacts
- Chemical analysis for dating Artistic artefacts
- Historiographic investigations
- Expertize and Appraisal of Historic Real Estate
- Conservative Intervention Design and Works Management
- Fundraising, fundraising and funding for the Restoration of Mobile Works of Art
- Fundraising, fundraising and funding for the Architectural Restoration of Historic Buildings Villas, Palaces, Farms, Villages, Religious Buildings,

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