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The Rotonda of Brunelleschi, Convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Brunelleschi's Square


Located in Piazza Brunelleschi a few steps from the Duomo. It is a fourteenth-century historical compendium which was superimposed on Renaissance and later transformations up to the twentieth century. The whole is configured as a cross-section of Florentine life and culture at the highest levels. The most significant constitutive typologies of urban morphology are present: court (cloister of Santa Maria degli Angeli), in line (buildings on via Alfani) and central building (the Rotonda del Brunelleschi as a prototype of a small-scale study of the drum and dome then made of Santa Maria del Fiore). Inside, 156 works of art have been cataloged by the Superintendence for Historical and Artistic Heritage, covering a temporal space between the early fourteenth century and the forties of the last century.

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