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Andrea Palladio - Villa Contarini-Pacagnella
Piazzola sul Brenta - (Padua)


According to historians, this is one of Andrea Palladio's first early projects, whose preparatory drawings are kept at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. The buildings (villa, barchessa and oratory demolished during the First World War) are surrounded by a park of about one hectare consisting of lawn and centuries-old trees. The surrounding landscape is intact and is very similar to the original environmental situation in which the villa was built. This is possible because the ministerial landscape constraint is implemented which prevents any construction on the optical cones in front of and behind the villa. The building was the subject, about ten years ago, of the direct conservation intervention by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Regional Institute of Ville Venete which carried out works of utmost urgency for the consolidation of the load-bearing and roof structures on the villa and on the barn.

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